Doc4pets – Erasmus+ traineeship

This report details Erasmus+ traineeship which took partin July and August 2020 in a small animal veterinary clinic – Kleintierzentrum
Arndt Karlsruhe-Durlach – part of doc4pets. We would like to express our
gratitude and appreciation to Susanne Arndt for the opportunity to gather
practical experience and to work with professionals in their field.

During these 2 months of our traineeship, we participated
in the everyday work of the clinic. Supervised by the doctor of veterinary
medicine, we gained the experience in approaching, restraining and handling
patients, taking a patient’s medical history, clinical examinations, advising
animal owners about feeding and general care of animals, dental examinations
and treatment, anesthetic monitoring, blood sampling, intubation.

We participated in laboratory work and use of medical
equipment, including surgical tools, x-ray, ultrasound and CT. Furthermore, we
were performing general health checks and got the experience in administration
of injectable and oral therapies, interpretation and performing an X-ray,
ultrasound and CT, treatment of wounds, injuries and infections, performing
orthopedic and ophthalmologic examination, sampling and performing cytology

We have provided surgical assistance in procedures like
tumour operation, castration, biopsy procedures, endoscopy and orthopedic
operations such as osteosynthesis and lateral suture technique for the
stabilization of the cranial cruciate ligament.

The traineeship experience exceeded all of our
expectations. Thanks to the doctors and the entire staff, we felt like a part
of the team since the first day. Through the tasks and discussions about
clinical cases, we were fully involved in the work of the clinic and got the
invaluable experience which will help us in the future. We are also grateful
for the opportunity to get an insight on our current competences and practical
skills in veterinary medicine which greatly improved after this traineeship.

We would like to thank the whole team of the Kleintierzentrum
Arndt for all the help and support!

Anastasiya Zabara

Mateo Makšan

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